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This subdomain of my primary website archives all the content I read online as well as some that I read in print with copies online. It archives full content, allowing me to build statistical analysis of what I read as well as search full text to more easily find it in the future.

I use the site much the same way others would use Instapaper or Pocket. In true IndieWeb fashion,  I have more control over my own site and can in some sense provide more value and functionality for myself by owning all the data rather relying on a third party to do so. Given that Instapaper has been bought by Pinterest and portions of their service have been shut down, I’m also protecting against the disappearance of 3rd party services and reliance on them.

All articles will forward you automatically to their original source, unless that source no longer exists or can’t otherwise be redirected.

All content stored here is done so for purely for archival purposes.

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Why Republicans Are Still Struggling With Repealing and Replacing Obamacare – The Atlantic

President Trump likely surprised many supporters when he told Bill O’Reilly in their Super Bowl interview that formulating a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act was “very complicated” and might not be finalized “until sometime into next year.” That sounded very different than during the campaign, when Trump insisted he would quickly replace Obamacare…